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Interactive Newsprint presents at COST


Interactive Newsprint joined the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) network in Lisbon where the focus of activities was firmly on exploring new ways of combining print and digital. The Media Innovation Studio’s Paul Egglestone was invited to present one of two keynote speeches to a multidisciplinary group of over forty academics from across Europe. The talk on the possibilities for Interactive Newsprint offered practical examples of the potential […]

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Interactive Newsprint and friends debate #digiprint at SxSW

Pitchforks and printed electronics panel

“Print is dead! Long live print!” declares the panel description for the ‘Pitchforks and Printed Electronics’ panel at the SxSW Interactive festival. Chaired by the Media Innovation Studio’s Paul Egglestone and featuring the University of Dundee’s very own Tom Metcalfe, Worldcrunch’s Garrett Goodman and Daily Dot CEO Nick White, the panel discussed an alternative digital future, where the internet is made physical. Discussions ranged from community co- design and cutting-edge […]

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Interactive Newsprint Demos in Downtown Austin

Mozilla and Knight Foundation demo

[Paul Egglestone and Jon Rogers demo an interactive Grupo RBS platform] “Knight Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts”. The Interactive Newsprint team are using innovative technology to engage communities interested in creating a new platform for community news. On Saturday night, in a packed bar in downtown Austin, Rogers, Egglestone, Mills and Metcalfe from the Interactive Newsprint research team […]

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UnBox: Hands On, Minds On, Hearts On

Interactive Newsprint workshop @ UnBox

The suburbs of Delhi played host to this year’s UnBox festival in India. The Interactive Newsprint team were delighted to join thought leaders, innovators, musicians and artists to celebrate creativity and share experiences of co-creation and collaboration. Breaking down traditional notions of work and play, UnBox is a genuinely unique festival exploring alternative paths to creative thinking and action through inter-disciplinary collaboration.   Interactive Newsprint workshop at Unbox Festival, Dehli, […]

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Netexplo: Interactive Newsprint is Outstanding Innovation


Netexplo, a global initiative and network of journalists, scientists and academics, has listed Interactive Newsprint as one of the world’s top 100 outstanding innovations. “That’s why research that is still at the lab stage but has positive potential impact on lifestyles or an application that is already available can generate the same interest. “The network focusses on a wide range of new work, ranging “from new uses of the Web […]

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Interactive Newsprint wins Telling Tales of Engagement prize

Digital Economy

Interactive Newsprint is delighted to report that it is one of three winners of the RCUK Digital Economy’s ‘Telling Tales of Engagement’. Announced at the Digital Futures 2012 conference in Aberdeen, the £10k prize is awarded to projects that “demonstrate impact across a number of areas business sectors, government and society”. Previous winners have included the Wray Broadband project and ‘TOTeM‘, and the prize fund is designed to enable projects […]

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Newsprint visits COST Helsinki

David Frohlich shows interactive Lancashire Evening Post

Professor David Frohlich and Dr Phil Ely took our most recent Interactive Newsprint demonstrators to Cost European Cooperation in Science and Technology meeting in Helsinki. Interactive Newsprint demonstrated our newly designed Lancashire Evening Post and a number of conceptual test cards that explore a range of Newsprint functions.  Prof David Frohlich presents the Interactive Newsprint demonstrator The goal of this COST Action is to promote discussion on the benefits that […]

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Newsprint to demo at EPSRC Digital Futures

Digital Futures 2012

Interactive Newsprint will be appearing at the EPSRC’s Digital Futures 2012  conference in Aberdeen this week (October 22nd). The conference describes itself as a “multidisciplinary environment in which innovative thinkers and researchers are able to share ideas about how to make an impact on society across a range of sectors including transport, healthcare, financial services, and the creative industries”. Interactive Newsprint will demonstrate a range of our prototypes. These include our interactive […]

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Interactive Newsprint joins Fieldguide


  Interactive Newsprint has joined “Fieldguide’s” exhibition at the London Design Festival. Demonstrating paper-interactive versions of photojournalist Garry Cook‘s Outsiders project and an edition of the LEP. The exhibition will be running from September 17th to 23rd. Here’s a little more information…   Fieldguide is an occasional collective and sometimes journal for people interested in design, technology and society and the intersections where they overlap. Our motto is Find Play […]

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Interactive LEP prototyped in Preston

LEP interactive workshop

As the project nears its final phase of development, the Interactive Newsprint team is pulling together the various elements of the project to combine design, technology and editorial work in a series of complete and interactive demonstrators. Early September saw Jon Rogers (University of Dundee) and Paul Egglestone (UCLan) work with a small number of Preston based individuals and groups to show them the project’s latest prototype: an edition of […]

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Workshops map interactive papers

Interactive Newsprint co-creates paper platforms

Over the last week, members of the Interactive Newsprint team from Preston, Dundee and Surrey met with a range of community and professional publishers to map out how they could use the project’s emerging platform. We hosted photographers from Blog Preston, community radio broadcasters from Preston FM’s Speak Up Preston show, regional newspaper the Lancashire Evening Post and local photojournalist Garry Cook. Over recent months, the Interactive Newsprint team has […]

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Interactive Newsprint presents at BBC Connecting Communities

Paul Egglestone at the BBC's Connecting Communities conference

The Interactive Newsprint prototype was demonstrated at the BBC’s Connecting Communities conference at Media City in Salford yesterday. Egglestone took the stage to address conference delegates from industry and community media organisations from all over the world. The demonstration followed a short presentation on the evolution of Interactive Newsprint from its community roots developed during the Bespoke project. One member of the audience commented on the way the new platform […]

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Interactive Newsprint appears at ICMC conference, Porto


Interactive Newsprint appears at III ICMC Conference, Porto May saw the Interactive Newsprint team, well one of the team – John – travel to Porto to present at the third International Media and Communications (ICMC) conference. Delivered at the welcoming University of Porto, the paper provided an overview of the project today, we asked the central question for the whole project: can printed electronics save the newspaper industry? It’s too […]

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Interactive Newsprint concepts revealed

Ideas developed in the second Interactive Newsprint workshop

After months of distilling information gathered through our first community co-design workshops in November, members of the Interactive Newsprint team gathered in Preston this week to present a ‘concepts’ book to a smaller group of residents, groups and representatives. Jam-packed with interactive print ideas inspired by the first round of community consultation, the concepts book – collated by the University of Dundee after input from all the research team – […]

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Paper-data and the lessons of online analytics


Analytic data is a central to the online world. Imagine what impact it could make on printed news and information…. [Flickr credit: Scott’s Camera] As you’ll see from browsing this site, much of Interactive Newsprint’s product development and testing is concentrated on the community-inspired ‘interface’. We’re asking: what type of paper design and editorial content would the communities from across Preston like to see, and find useful, entertaining or even […]

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Interactive Newsprint arrives in Preston


Communities from across Preston came along to Interactive Newsprint’s first set of co-design workshops in the heart of the city in November. Taking place in the light and airy surrounds of community arts organisation Prescap, two afternoon workshops introduced a range of interactive paper prototypes to individuals, groups and local businesspeople. We showed a selection of examples of how the paper could be used by Prestonians to receive a wide […]

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UK researchers, businesses and musicians to lead at SXSW!


“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough, that it’s Technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities that yields us the results that make our hearts sing, and nowhere is that more true than in these post PC devices.” Steve Jobs, March 2011 The UK is at the start of a potential internet revolution that could create a muti-billion pound industry in the next 5-10 years.  […]

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How Can I Be Involved?


There are a number of ways you can be involved with the Interactive Newsprint project. How you’re involved really depends on whether you’re volunteering as a community reporter, a prototype tester or a reader. We are looking for community reporters who would like to learn about how to tell stories about things that are happening in their neighbourhoods. We are looking for people to be our prototypers taking part in […]

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