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Interactive Newsprint presents at BBC Connecting Communities

Paul Egglestone at the BBC's Connecting Communities conference

The Interactive Newsprint prototype was demonstrated at the BBC’s Connecting Communities conference at Media City in Salford yesterday. Egglestone took the stage to address conference delegates from industry and community media organisations from all over the world. The demonstration followed a short presentation on the evolution of Interactive Newsprint from its community roots developed during the Bespoke project. One member of the audience commented on the way the new platform […]

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Interactive Newsprint appears at ICMC conference, Porto


Interactive Newsprint appears at III ICMC Conference, Porto May saw the Interactive Newsprint team, well one of the team – John – travel to Porto to present at the third International Media and Communications (ICMC) conference. Delivered at the welcoming University of Porto, the paper provided an overview of the project today, we asked the central question for the whole project: can printed electronics save the newspaper industry? It’s too […]

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