Interactive Newsprint joins Fieldguide


Interactive Newsprint has joined “Fieldguide’s” exhibition at the London Design Festival. Demonstrating paper-interactive versions of photojournalist Garry Cook‘s Outsiders project and an edition of the LEP.

The exhibition will be running from September 17th to 23rd.

Here’s a little more information…


Fieldguide is an occasional collective and sometimes journal for people interested in design, technology and society and the intersections where they overlap.

Our motto is Find Play Make; it underpins our work. We celebrate process and outcome, uncovering insights through investigation; playing with ideas and technology to discover new opportunities; and making engaging, entertaining, amusing and amazing artifacts that tell their own stories and encourage conversation.

For London Design Festival, Fieldguide has brought together a diverse mix of designers, technologists, artists, musicians and journalists to show some of their most exciting work from the last year. These projects, prototypes and products will demonstrate how insight journalism can be used as a tool for design research, how paper can connect to the internet and how design can be used to speculate on a physical digital society.

The exhibition features new work from Brendan Dawes, author of the inspirational book “Analog in, Digital Out” which collected his thoughts on interaction design and featured amongst other things: books wrapped in brown paper, bits of code, cheese, hardware hacks, Play-Doh and stories of origami swans left on trains. For London Design Festival he’s collaborating with Bare Conductive, electrically conductive materials pioneers, to create a new version of his Happiness Machine, an Internet connected printer that prints random happy thoughts by random people from across the web.

Alongside Brendan will be #UNRAVEL, a collaboration by FOUND, best known for Cybraphon their BAFTA-winning ‘Autonomous Emotional Robot Band’ and Aidan Moffat, the Glasgow-based author and musician formerly of the seminal band Arab Strap. The interactive sound installation encourages people to unravel the truth about The Narrator’s life by playing records from his collection. Each 7” record represents a different memory, but unlike conventional vinyl recordings they sound different each time they are played. The memories embodied in the installation will distort, evolve and warp depending on external influences: the time of day, the size of #UNRAVEL’s audience, the local weather, and what people are writing about the installation on twitter from moment to moment.

The exhibition will also include work from design consultancy Uniform, design provocateur Patrick Stevenson-Keating, and design researchers Product Research Studio as well as feature work from two groundbreaking collaborative research projects funded by Nesta and the Digital Economy programme from Research Councils UK that pioneer the use of insight journalism to uncover the potential of digital R&D in the cultural sector and explore how newspapers can harness the potential of printed electronics.

Jon Rogers, one of the founders of Fieldguide explains their motivations for the exhibition:

“People use fieldguides to study nature, to be able to distinguish one thing from another and to understand why and how stuff exists. What we’re doing with Fieldguide is trying to do the same for an emerging physical digital world. To help us and other people make sense of it.

We want to get more people engaged with design and digital technology, to help to make an accessible UK wide culture that spans across academic researchers, designers, technologists and businesses. The show is a great mix of design, art and research. Some of the work asks more questions than it answers and some of it is research and very much work in progress – which creates a great platform to get feedback from people that can help to shape and direct the future of that research.

Ultimately, we’re really excited to bring together some of our great friends, the people who have inspired us and the people that we think are going to inspire a new generation, and show their work at London Design Festival.”

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