Interactive Newsprint wins Telling Tales of Engagement prize

Digital Economy

Interactive Newsprint is delighted to report that it is one of three winners of the RCUK Digital Economy’s ‘Telling Tales of Engagement’. Announced at the Digital Futures 2012 conference in Aberdeen, the £10k prize is awarded to projects that “demonstrate impact across a number of areas business sectors, government and society”. Previous winners have included the Wray Broadband project and ‘TOTeM‘, and the prize fund is designed to enable projects […]

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Newsprint visits COST Helsinki

David Frohlich shows interactive Lancashire Evening Post

Professor David Frohlich and Dr Phil Ely took our most recent Interactive Newsprint demonstrators to Cost European Cooperation in Science and Technology meeting in Helsinki. Interactive Newsprint demonstrated our newly designed Lancashire Evening Post and a number of conceptual test cards that explore a range of Newsprint functions.  Prof David Frohlich presents the Interactive Newsprint demonstrator The goal of this COST Action is to promote discussion on the benefits that […]

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Newsprint to demo at EPSRC Digital Futures

Digital Futures 2012

Interactive Newsprint will be appearing at the EPSRC’s Digital Futures 2012  conference in Aberdeen this week (October 22nd). The conference describes itself as a “multidisciplinary environment in which innovative thinkers and researchers are able to share ideas about how to make an impact on society across a range of sectors including transport, healthcare, financial services, and the creative industries”. Interactive Newsprint will demonstrate a range of our prototypes. These include our interactive […]

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Interactive Newsprint joins Fieldguide


  Interactive Newsprint has joined “Fieldguide’s” exhibition at the London Design Festival. Demonstrating paper-interactive versions of photojournalist Garry Cook‘s Outsiders project and an edition of the LEP. The exhibition will be running from September 17th to 23rd. Here’s a little more information…   Fieldguide is an occasional collective and sometimes journal for people interested in design, technology and society and the intersections where they overlap. Our motto is Find Play […]

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Interactive LEP prototyped in Preston

LEP interactive workshop

As the project nears its final phase of development, the Interactive Newsprint team is pulling together the various elements of the project to combine design, technology and editorial work in a series of complete and interactive demonstrators. Early September saw Jon Rogers (University of Dundee) and Paul Egglestone (UCLan) work with a small number of Preston based individuals and groups to show them the project’s latest prototype: an edition of […]

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