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Interactive Newsprint co-creates paper platforms

The Interactive Newsprint team helps co-create paper platforms: Boom!

Over the last week, members of the Interactive Newsprint team from Preston, Dundee and Surrey met with a range of community and professional publishers to map out how they could use the project’s emerging platform.

We hosted photographers from Blog Preston, community radio broadcasters from Preston FM’s Speak Up Preston show, regional newspaper the Lancashire Evening Post and local photojournalist Garry Cook.

Over recent months, the Interactive Newsprint team has developed a number of paper-based functionalities and during the workshops we invited participants to create their own version in tandem with the project. These spanned standard interactive newspapers, gallery installations and a radio poster with an interactive archive.

Incorporating a range of locally-produced and curated editorial content, and new functions – such as embedded audio, multi-layered audio and voting options – the papers will not only showcase some of the groups’ best work, but provide them with an opportunity to develop them in new and innovative ways.


Working with these groups and others, we’ll now attempt to turn some of these concepts into reality. Testing them in a number of locations will follow, and provide the team with an array of data to let us improve the prototypes before the end of the year.

Over the summer, the team will also work with a number of other community, volunteer and professional media organisations – so watch this space for more updates.

18th, July 2012 by Categories - Workshops
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